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Volkswagen Golf Plus

The VW Golf Plus succeeded its precursor the Golf hatchback which is a shorter commercial vehicle. Also, this car offers a 50-litre worth of extra boot space as compared to its previous version. Nevertheless, Volkswagen had stopped its production in 2014 after which the owners were facing several problems.

Are you still looking for a ‘garage near me’ supplying original parts?

Look no further than CarFix Garage while you are staying in London. We take the entire responsibilities of VW Golf Plus body repair, tyre replacements or even routine servicing needs from time to time. Our in-house automotive experts have been working on world-class models of Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Kia, etc., for many years.

Consider checking our tyre catalogue at least once before you continue searching retailers of Volkswagen Golf Plus tyres in London.

List Of Tyres That We Can Offer

Regardless of the budget, you can discuss with our tyre experts by calling 02082008181 for tailored solutions. Besides, premium tyres like Michelin, Continental, Dunlop, etc., we stack our inventory with many mid-range and affordable tyres as well.

While finalising a manufacturer for VW Golf Plus tyres in London, you will see the following variants on our website:

  • Winter Tyres
  • All-Season Tyres
  • 4x4 Tyres
  • Summer Tyres
  • Performance Tyres
  • Run Flat Tyres

We check each product before mounting them on your car's wheels. In addition, the technicians implement standardised procedures while balancing the wheels after the tyre fitment is over.

Do Not Consider Delaying A Pending MOT

At CarFix Garage, all MOT requests are taken care of by DVSA-certified testers. We do not miss any step while assessing the roadworthiness of your car.

When you reach out to us for a VW Golf Plus MOT in London, we complete all the arrangements well ahead of your preferred window. Thus, the entire procedure is over in less than an hour.

During the MOT, we check each of the following parts:

  • Suspension
  • Exhausts
  • Body
  • Tyres
  • Windows
  • Seats, etc.

However, certain components like the car's engine, clutch and gearbox are not included in the MOT checklist. To ensure their longevity, you can book separate diagnostic treatments through our website.

Wish to know the rate before booking a service?

Consider mailing your specific enquiry for VW Golf Plus gearbox repair to info@carfixgarage.co.uk. We’ll get back to you soon.

VW Golf Plus Service In London

We offer cost-effective interim and full servicing deals to all Volkswagen car owners. Availing these packages at regular intervals helps you:

  • Avoid costly replacements
  • Preserve the car's value
  • Consolidate on-road safety

To confirm a booking, feel free to call us.

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