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Continental Tyres

Continental is one of the top ten tyre manufacturing brands in the world. This company manufactures top-quality tyres for motorcycles, bicycles and automobiles. Some leading automobile manufacturers, such as Toyota, Honda, Renault, BMW, Volvo, Porsche, etc., install Continental tyres on their vehicles. Further, automobile enthusiasts across the world rely on this brand due to their uncompromised durability, modern designs and innovative features that cater to the diverse automobile requirements of every customer.

Therefore, if you want to buy new Continental tyres London, you should consider visiting us - CarFix Garage. We retail Continental tyres across all variants in many different sizes.

Buy Continental Tyres London Online

We also offer an online tyre purchasing facility. Hence, you can order your desired set of Continental tyres from the comfort of your home, workplace or anywhere else. Provide your car's registration number in the required section of your website. Then, choose your desired models and proceed to checkout. A fitting appointment can be booked at the same time.

Some Continental Tyre Models We Retail:

Sport Contact™ 6 (Summer Tyres)

Sport Contact 6 is a summer variant manufactured with a unique hard rubber compound and innovative technology. The Black Chili material present in the carcass material helps them deliver superior vehicle control on heated summer tracks. Further, the Aralon 350 technology facilitates uncompromised vehicle control and stability at high speeds.

Winter Contact™ TS 870 P (Winter Tyres)

This winter variant comes with an innovative tread pattern, high sipe density and a special soft rubber compound. These features allow them to perform optimally on snow and slush. Further, the Cool Chili compound reduces fuel consumption and offers an uncompromised wet-grip performance.

All Season Contact™ (All-season Tyres)

In case you want to avoid the hassle of seasonal tyre changes, you can consider installing this model on your vehicle. This product has an intermediate rubber compound and a moderate tread design that offers optimal performance during moderate summer and winter seasons.

Further, some of our other best-selling products are as follows:

  • Conti Cross Contact™ AT (4x4 Tyres)
  • Sport Contact 2 SSR (Run-flat Tyres)
  • Sport Contact (Performance Tyres)

Therefore, look no further for “Continental tyres near me” and visit us.

Any questions? Please dial 02082008181.

You can also write to us at info@carfixgarage.co.uk.

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