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Are you looking for 2x Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?

A routine wheel alignment check after every 5,000 to 6,000 miles can help your vehicle maintain optimal performance for a long time. Any fault in a car's axle geometry can hamper its handling efficiency and increase the odds of accidents. Further, wheel misalignment can cause frequent tyre wear, making tyre replacements inevitable. Misalignment can also cause damage to other vehicle parts like for example the suspension system.

We at CarFix Garage offer 2-wheel alignment London for various car makes and models. Our facility uses the latest alignment technology that helps us ensure the most accurate service every time. Moreover, we offer wheel alignment services for both two and four-wheel drive vehicles. Hence, you can stop searching for “wheel alignment services near me” and visit us.

What Are The Signs Of A Faulty Wheel Alignment?

In case your car’s wheels are misaligned, they will exhibit the following signs:

  • The vehicle will tend to pull in one direction even while you are driving on a straight path and at a constant speed
  • Vehicle’s fuel efficiency will drop suddenly
  • You will see signs of frequent and often uneven tyre wears
  • The vehicle will have inadequate short-braking capabilities
  • You will see that the car’s steering wheel is crooked

You should consider opting for a 2-wheel alignment London if you see any of the signs mentioned above. Delaying the service to save money will only cause further discrepancies and will lead to you paying a lot of money on vehicle servicing and repairs.

About Our 2 Wheel Alignment Service

The three main wheel angles, namely caster, camber, and toe, are responsible for the proper alignment of a car wheel. When seen from front, it is the camber angle between the vertical axis of the wheels and the vehicle itself. Caster angle refers to the angle which is formed between the steering axis and a car wheel. Toe angle is the angular displacement between the car wheels and the longitudinal axis when seen from the top.

Our experts check these angles using modern wheel aligners that ensure the most accurate readings. Following this, we manually re-align the wheels to their manufacturer’s recommended angles.

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Alternatively, you can also send your queries to info@carfixgarage.co.uk.

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