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Are you looking for Car Service London for your vehicle?

As a responsible car owner, you should opt for routine interim car servicing every 6,000 miles or six months, whichever comes first. Car service London at regular intervals helps the vehicle maintain its optimal performance, a positive outcome in an test, and a regularly stamped service book guarantees a high resale value. Regular services are also mandatory for those driving a leasing vehicle.

CarFix Garage, in this regard, offers cost-effective interim car service London for almost every type of vehicle. Therefore, if you have been searching for an “interim car service Edgware”, you can get in touch with us. The experts at our workshop will read your vehicle’s manual to understand the specific instructions related to interim servicing and conduct the necessary checks accordingly.

Further, our automobile workshop is stocked with cutting-edge technologies and advanced tools that ensure the highest level of accuracy and precision. Hence, you can rely on us as we offer this service without much turnaround time.

What Does Our Interim Car Service Edgware Entail?

Our interim car service consists of a total of 55 checks. These include:

Car Braking System

During this check, our experts identify the underlying issues in the brake callipers, master cylinder, rotors, discs and brake pads. In case we find that any of the components are worn or damaged, we replace them with manufacturer-recommended OE-grade parts with your permission. Further, this service also includes checking the brake fluid level and topping it up, if not within the optimal level.

Car Engine System

We check all car engine components, such as alternator belts, timing belts, radiator seal caps, etc. If our experts find any issues in any of the components, we will offer the necessary repairs and replacements. We will certainly provide a non-obligatory estimate, so you can make an informed decision.

We also check the engine oil level and refill it with the best seasonal variant.

Apart from the checks mentioned above, our interim car service Edgware also consists of the following:

  • Refilling screen washer bottles and checking the wiper blades
  • Inspecting the condition of the car undertray
  • Oil filter change
  • Inspecting the components of the suspension system and steering
  • Checking the condition of the tyres and tread depth
  • Battery check
  • Clutch check-up
  • Coolant inspection

And many other components

Sounds good?

Then, book car service London today!

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