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Are you looking for Winter Servicing for your vehicle?

There are several driving challenges for car-owners in the UK during the winter season, like excessive snowfall or massive temperature drops. So, before hitting the streets, we suggest you opt for winter servicing London.

So, do not search any further for ‘winter servicing near me’. Our autobody technicians at CarFix Garage have hands-on experience using state-of-the-art technology, offering your car an all-inclusive winter service.

Therefore contact us at 02082008181 or info@carfixgarage.co.uk. Or visit us at Unit 4, 30-100 Colindeep Ln, London, NW9 6HB today!

Why choose us?

At our workshop, we use cutting-edge machinery and advanced equipment to assess several components of your car, including:


Firstly, we check car tyres for cracks or bulges. We also ensure the tyre tread depth is a minimum of 1.6mm per the UK driving guidelines. If the tyres fail to conform to these rules, our experts will suggest replacements with seasonal variants. Switching to winter tyres will ensure optimal car performance in the chilly weather.


Antifreeze is an additive crucial in keeping your vehicle safe from the extreme effects of the chilly weather. Because of its significantly lower freezing point, we add antifreeze to your car's cooling system. So this mixture can keep your car engine from malfunctioning due to overexposure to the harsher elements of the cold.

Here our professionals check if the antifreeze level is as suggested. Then, if needed, we top it off accordingly.


The capacity of your car batteries can drop up to 50% depending on the extremities of the winter season. Moreover, the heater can also drain excessive power in this weather. Consequently, battery output falters, affecting the vehicle engine adversely.

So here, our autobody experts inspect the car batteries thoroughly to flag the damages. We also provide OE-grade replacements after consulting with you.

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