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Are you looking for Rover tyres? If you are a Rover owner in London or nearby areas, CarFix Garage can be your go-to destination. We are a reliable retailer of top-grade Rover tyres and the best answer to your ‘Rover service near me’ searches.

Let us have a closer look at our offerings.

Our vast tyre collection

You can have a look at our vast collection of Rover tyres London. Our tyre experts will guide you in selecting a suitable car tyre per your budget and driving style. However, you may place an order online via our tyre finder tool if you cannot visit the facility due to other engagements.

Here is a list of some of our top collections:

  • Top Variants: Summer, winter, all-season, 4x4, run-flat, performance tyres, etc.
  • Top Brands: Bridgestone, Goodyear, Continental, Michelin, etc.

Are you looking for budget brands?

We stock:

  • Nexen
  • Hankook
  • Matador
  • Maxxis, etc.

What else?

You can purchase tyres online conveniently without interrupting your busy schedule. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Fill the tyre finder tool on our homepage with your car registration number or tyre size
  • Browse our digital catalogue and select your required tyre variant
  • Place your order

Know more about our Rover Service London

We are your reliable ‘Rover specialist near me’ with a range of quality vehicular services. Our professionals are adept at using top-class tools and techniques for a detailed inspection of car components. We will repair the faulty parts efficiently or replace the damaged ones with OE-grade spares.

Our Rover service centre London offers the following car services:

Brake services

Brake malfunction can hamper your driving comfort and lead to safety hazards. If you find that the car is taking too long to stop after you apply brakes, do not delay visiting our Rover service centre near me for an effective brake replacement service. If you are in London, CarFix Garage can be a trusted destination for unmatched brake services.

Suspension replacement

Are you experiencing bumpy rides lately?

A faulty suspension car can be the reason behind this. We are a reputed Rover specialist London offering top-grade services to cater to your vehicular requirements. Our professionals examine the suspension components such as struts, linkage, springs, shock absorbers, etc. and carefully replace the faulty ones.

Puncture repair

Replacing tyres damaged due to a tyre puncture can be expensive. You can opt for a puncture repair service instead. We are an independent Rover service near me offering puncture repair at reliable prices. However, we will first check the condition of the tyre to determine if the tyre can be repaired or needs replacement.

Car servicing

Are you looking for a Rover garage near me for reliable servicing?

We conduct Full and Interim car services for several vehicle models. A routine car check-up ensures optimum car performance and helps maintain car component functionality. So, opt for Full servicing every 12 months and Interim servicing every six months.

Body repair

Ageing and accidents can affect the car’s exterior. Book us for services of Rover body repair London, and our team will remove the scratches and dents with the necessary techniques to restore its original appearance.

Our services are not limited to these; we also offer the following:

  • Wheel Alignment
  • Clutch Services
  • Cambelt Replacement
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Exhaust Services
  • Summer Check
  • Winter Check
  • Coolant Drain And Refill, etc.

Here is some more to fulfil your Rover specialist garage near me searches.

Check out our Rover MOT London

Wish to end your ‘Rover MOT near me’ searches? We are a Rover service and MOT test centre that assesses the roadworthiness of vehicles as per DVSA guidelines. Our MOT testers inspect the following car components and certify your vehicle accordingly:

  • Tyres And Wheels
  • Car Bulbs
  • Horn
  • Wiper Blades And Windscreen
  • Exhaust Emission Level
  • Seatbelts
  • Seats And Doors, etc.

If there are any Minor faults or no faults, we will issue an MOT pass certificate. However, if we find Major issues, we will provide a VT30 certificate.

Want to book Rover MOT from our garage?

Visit our facility or book online. You can call us on 02082008181 for detailed information.

Please come to your ‘independent Rover specialist near me’ for top-grade products and services at market-best rates.

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