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Ford Focus Estate

Own a Ford Focus Estate?

Then, you need to be aware of a trustworthy Ford service centre that you may go to in an emergency.

One of the most well-known garages in the area, CarFix Garage provides high-quality tyres and services for affordable prices. Also, we have an all-inclusive vehicle facility that is outfitted with the latest equipment to enable us to provide results as quickly as possible.

Ford Focus Estate Servicing London

Under our servicing catalogue, we offer interim and full (major) servicing at competitive costs. The performance and resale value of your car are both enhanced by these services. However, a full(major) servicing package covers a higher number of checks. After carefully checking several key components, we will either repair or replace the damaged components depending on the extent of the damage.

Besides, we are a sought-after destination for the following services:

  • Ford Focus Estate Body Repair
  • Ford Focus Estate Gearbox Repair And Replacement
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Summer And Winter Servicing, and more

Ford Focus Estate MOT London

We are among the many DVSA-approved garages offering MOT checks. Please come see us to determine if your vehicle conforms to all the legal guidelines. Based on the issues discovered after inspecting the components of your car, we will issue you an MOT certification. In the event of minor or no issues, you will receive a VT20 certificate. Every other scenario will result in your vehicle failing the MOT test and you will get a VT30 certificate.

We have more to offer than just the aforementioned services and MOTs!

Due to our extensive inventory of Ford Focus Estate tyres London, we can be the ideal solution to any "Ford tyres near me" searches. In our selection of tyres, you can find run-flat variants in addition to all the seasonal tyre variations. Also, you can purchase these items online without visiting our garage. You must provide your car's registration number or tyre index in order to use the online tyre booking feature. Then, choose the tyre you want to order.

We are located at Unit 4, 30-100 Colindeep Ln London NW9 6HB. You can also call us at 02082008181.

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