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Fiat 600

Initially, in production from 1955 to 1969, the Fiat 600 was a water-cooled rear-engine car offered in both 2-door and 4-door options.

In 2023, Fiat introduced the 2023 version of the Fiat 600, a compact SUV exclusively for the European markets.

If you own a Fiat 600, either the vintage version or the new version, get in touch with Carfix Garage located at Unit 4, 30-100 Colindeep Ln London NW9 6HB.

The older version of the 600 features 3 types of engines namely:

  • 633 cc Tipo 100 OHV I4
  • 767 cc Tipo 100 OHV I4
  • 843 cc Tipo 100 R7.038 OHV I4

Note: The latest version comes with a 1.2 THP (EB2ADTX) l3 turbo engine.

If you feel any performance issues with either of the 2 versions, book our comprehensive Fiat 600 servicing London.

We offer our Fiat servicing in 2 types namely:

  • Interim Servicing: Every 6000 miles or 6 months whichever is earlier.
  • Full (Major) Servicing: Every 24000 miles or 24 months.

Some of the components we inspect are:

Interim Servicing

  • Battery checkup
  • Oil filter change
  • Tread depth inspection
  • Suspension checks

Full (Major) Servicing

  • Complete fuel system inspection
  • Full body checkup of your Fiat 600
  • Entire exhaust system inspection
  • Brake inspection/ repair/ replacement

Not sure what type of Fiat 600 servicing London to choose?

Contact our experts at 2080044470 for detailed guidance and end all your “Fiat 600 servicing near me” searches.

Fiat 600 Brake Repair And Replacement

The Fiat 600 features drum brakes with a Drum Internal Diameter/Shoe Width specification of 185X31 mm for both the front and rear.

If you feel any of the following symptoms while driving, book our comprehensive Fiat brake services:

  • Inefficient braking distance
  • Soft brake pedals
  • Loud screeching noises while braking
  • The Fiat 600 travels towards one side while braking
  • Burning smell after applying brakes

We use advanced tools and machinery to inspect the brake pads, calipers, and other components and conduct the necessary replacements using OE-grade spare parts.

Other services you can book from our homepage:

  • Fiat 600 Clutch Services
  • Fiat 600 Gearbox Repair and Replacement
  • Fiat 600 Winter Check London
  • Fiat 600 Maintenance London
  • Fiat 600 Summer Check London

To know more about our service procedure and pricing policies, write to our representatives at info@carfixgarage.co.uk .

Fiat 600 MOT London

As per the DVSA guidelines, every car over 3 years old should undergo regular inspections to determine its roadworthiness.

If you own the older variant of the Fiat 600, book an MOT test date today to maintain your road legality across the country.

Note: Tyres with tread depth less than 1.6 mm results in immediate MOT inspection failure.

If the existing tyres of your Fiat 600 are in severely damaged / worn out condition, get them replaced at affordable prices.

Types of Fiat 600 tyres London available:

  • Summer Tyres
  • Winter Tyres
  • All-Season Tyres

For more information about our tyre catalogue / booking process, visit our garage or call us.

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