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Chevrolet Utility Service, MOT, Tyres and Body Repair

Chevrolet Utility is one of the most powerful and best-selling cars you will find in the market. With impressively less fuel consumption and less emission, this is the best bakkie from Chevrolet.

In case, you have a Chevrolet Utility and are seeking its repairs, then CarFix Garage is the best place for you. We have got you covered with a wide array of services that you will deem essential for your car.

To understand what services we have available for your car and how we can help, continue reading.

Chevrolet Utility Tyres London

Chevrolet Utility comes in a 14-inch diameter tyre and if your existing tyre is worn out, or needs replacement, CarFix Garage is the best place. We at CarFix Garage, have a wide range of seasonal and premium tyre brands for you to choose from. Some of the categories of tyres that we have for your car are as follows:

  • Summer tyres
  • Winter tyres
  • Run-flat tyres
  • All season tyres

Apart from that, we also have performance tyres if it is needed.

Chevrolet Utility Servicing London

Being a bakkie, the Chevrolet Utility has a powerful engine with a capacity of 1796 cc and a 5-speed transmission system. The car also has a fuel capacity of 56 litres and has two seats inside for passengers. Although some variations may be there, it has a comparably smaller 14” wheels.

To ensure that your car performs optimally we at CarFix Garage, recommend periodic servicing. Therefore, we offer affordable Chevrolet Utility servicing depending on miles travelled:

  • Interim Servicing: As a responsible owner of Chevrolet Utility, we recommend an interim servicing for every 6000 miles travelled. You may also contact us for servicing after every 6 months. At our Chevrolet Utility Interim services, you get a total of 55 checks done, which covers almost everything starting from the braking system to the car engine system.
  • Full (Major) Servicing: Automobile experts recommend going for a full or major servicing when the vehicle runs 24000 miles. Such a distance can roughly be covered in two years when you drive frequently. However, in case of greater damage, or less servicing frequency, go for major servicing of your car.

Some Other Services From CarFix Garage

We are also responsible for some other services to our customers, they are as follows:

  • Chevrolet Utility Body Repair London
  • 4 Wheel Alignment
  • Clutch Services
  • Battery Servicing

We also offer MOT services to our customers, if you have any doubt regarding Chevrolet Utility MOT then drop us an email at info@carfixgarage.co.uk . You may also call us at +442082008181.

Please Note: We remain closed on Sundays!

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