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Chevrolet D-Max Service, MOT, Tyres and Body Repair

The Chevrolet D-Max is a light utility vehicle manufactured by Isuzu and sold by Chevrolet since 1972 and shares its platform with the famous Chevrolet Colorado.

The D-Max comes equipped with a 4-cylinder 1.9 litre and 3.0-litre turbo-diesel engine capable of producing output up to 140kW and 450Nm.

However, the fuel efficiency of any car will decrease if it has not been serviced for a long time.

If that is the case with your D-Max, then book a comprehensive Chevrolet D-Max servicing London from the CarFix garage and ensure its optimum performance.

Some of the essential checks included in our Chevrolet D-Max interim services include:

  • Battery and Clutch Checkup
  • Coolant Level Inspection
  • Suspension Checks
  • Tyre Condition and many more

We also recommend opting for our full (major) servicing once every 24000 miles or 24 months, whichever is earlier.

Some essential checks included in this type of servicing are:

  • Fuel System Check
  • Full Body Check
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Suspension Checks and various others

Not sure whether your vehicle needs comprehensive interim or full (major) services?

Contact our experts at +442082008181 for expert guidance and deals to end all your “D-Max servicing near me” searches.

Chevrolet D-Max Body Repair And Other Services

Has your car experienced an accident recently that resulted in bumps and dents?

At CarFix Garage, you can get complete body repair of your D-Max car at reasonable prices.

In case of any major damages to the chassis or structural integrity, we ensure safe and accurate realignment and repair at affordable prices.

Other services we also offer are:

  • Brake Fluid Replacement
  • Suspension Checks
  • Gearbox Repair and Replacement
  • Wheel Balancing and Alignment

Chevrolet D-Max Tyres London

The Chevrolet D-Max vehicle has a tyre size of 245/70 R16 107H.

If you feel that the cornering precision of your D-Max has been severely compromised, you can get new tyres installed to maintain its performance.

Types of tyres available that you can install in your Chevrolet D-Max vehicle:

  • Summer Tyres
  • Winter Tyres
  • All-Season Tyres

If you need personalised tyre brand and variant recommendations, feel free to contact our experts at info@carfixgarage.co.uk or use our tyre finder tool to find the right fit within your budget.

Chevrolet D-Max MOT London

We are a DVSA-approved garage conducting MOT assessments and issuing VT certificates on all types of Class 4 and 7 vehicles.

If the annual VT licence of your D-Max is expiring soon, book a MOT test date online from our homepage.

After each inspection, as per government regulations, we issue either a VT30 or VT20 certificate depending on the condition of your vehicle.

Looking for a reliable MOT service for your Chevrolet D-Max?

Visit our testing garage at 4, 30-100 Colindeep Ln, London, NW9 6HB for a comprehensive pre-MOT assessment.

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