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BMW iX3 owners searching ‘car tyres near me’ can put their concerns at rest.

CarFix Garage is a high-tech workshop. To satisfy the diverse demands of our customers, we are equipped with state-of-the-art tools for the finest quality services in the fastest turnaround times.

Here is an overview of our products and services:

BMW iX3 Tyres London

You have come to the right place if you need tyres for your BMW iX3. We have a diverse array of tyres from prominent brands, such as:

  • Avon
  • Churchill
  • Event
  • Maxxis
  • Michelin
  • Nexen
  • Pirelli

Furthermore, we stock a vast collection of tyre variants, including season and car-oriented tyres:

  • Summer Tyres
  • All-season Tyres
  • Winter Tyres
  • Run-flat Tyres
  • Performance Tyres
  • 4x4 Tyres

Additionally, we have an online tyre booking facility to maximise your convenience.

BMW iX3 MOT London

Drop by our DVSA-approved service centre if your vehicle’s MOT check is due. Our MOT includes evaluation of different components, like:

  • Windscreen and Wipers
  • Body and Structure
  • Lights and Indicators
  • Tyres and Wheels
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Exhaust and Emissions

Get DVSA-affiliated MOT certifications at our establishment:

VT20 – When your vehicle passes all MOT checks.

VT30 – When your vehicle fails the MOT checks.

We perform MOT tests for these vehicle classes:

Class 1 and 2: Motorbikes

Class 4: 12-seater or below

Class 5: 13-seater or above

Class 7: Vehicles weighing over 3000 kgs

BMW iX3 Servicing London

At our workshop, we examine several of your vehicle’s components during the services we conduct:

  • Interim: Done every 6 months or 6,000 miles.
  • Full: Conducted every 12 months or 12,000 miles.
  • Major: Performed every 24 months or 24,000 miles.

Moreover, we offer the following services at competitive prices:

  • Cambelt replacement
  • BMW iX3 gearbox repair
  • Battery inspection and servicing
  • BMW iX3 body repair
  • Wheel balancing and alignment

These services help your car perform efficiently and increase its overall lifespan.

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Phone number: 02082008181

E-mail address: info@carfixgarage.co.uk

We remain closed on Sundays.

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