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BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé M

BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé M owners can stop their search for ‘car tyres near me’.

CarFix Garage is here to tend to all of your vehicular issues. Come by our facility to experience our top-quality offerings.

Tyres For You

We offer a wide variety of BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé M tyres London, including vehicle-specific options such as 4x4, Run-flat, and Performance tyres, as well as seasonal options such as All-Season, Winter, and Summer Tyres.

Choose from well-known brands like:

  • Avon
  • Continental
  • Goodyear
  • Nexen
  • Roadstone
  • Pirelli
  • Churchill

Workshop Services

We provide high-quality yet cost-effective BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé M servicing London, including:

  • Interim Services should be done after driving 5,000 - 6,000 miles or 6 months apart.
  • Full Services should be done after driving 10,000 - 12,000 miles or 12 months apart.
  • Major Services should be done after driving 20,000 - 24,000 miles or 24 months apart.

We also provide the following services:

  • Wheel Balancing
  • BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé M Body Repair
  • Winter Checks
  • Summer Checks
  • BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé M Gearbox Repair
  • Bodywork
  • Wheel Alignment

And more.

How To Contact Us?

To reach us, call 02082008181 or email info@carfixgarage.co.uk.

Our work hours are as follows:

Monday through Friday from 8AM to 6PM, Saturdays from 8AM to 2PM, and closed on Sundays.

DVSA-Authorised MOT Centre

Every car owner in the UK must get a yearly MOT check after 3 years of their car’s registration. Your vehicle must pass the annual MOT test and receive a VT20 certificate to be legally driven on UK roads.


Our BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé M MOT London includes an inspection of the following components:

  • Structure and Body
  • Wheels and Tyres
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Lights and Indicators
  • Seats and Belts
  • Exhaust and Emissions
  • Windscreen and Wipers


We conduct MOT tests for the following vehicle classifications:

Class 1: Motorbikes under 200cc

Class 2: Motorbikes over 200cc

Class 4: Taxis or passenger vehicles with 12 seats or less

Class 5: Caravans, ambulances or minibuses with 13 seats or more

Class 7: Large goods vehicles with more than 3000 kg and upto 3500 kg of gross weight

You can find detailed information about all our services on our website. If you have any questions, please let us know. We are always happy to help.

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