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Audi Service, MOT, Tyres & Body Repair London

Are you searching for an ‘Audi specialist near me’? If yes, CarFix Garage can be your one-stop destination! We stock a range of tyres from world-famous brands like Continental, Michelin, Bridgestone, Nexen, etc., that you can purchase online. In addition, we offer efficient services for multiple Audi models at affordable rates.

A peek at our tyre collection

Our entire tyre collection is available online.

To find a tyre that perfectly fits your car, for instance Audi Tyres , enter your vehicle registration number or the car tyre size in the online car tyre finder tool, and you will get multiple options to make your final choice.

Keeping your budget in mind, we categorise our catalogue of Audi tyres London into premium, mid-range and budget segments. The tyre variants we offer in our Audi service centre London are:


  • Summer
  • Winter
  • All Season


  • Performance
  • 4X4
  • Run-flats

Book an appointment for Audi Service and MOT

We are a DVSA-certified workshop conducting Audi MOT London. Our partner workshops conduct checks for vehicles of Classes 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7. Hence, we can end your search for ‘Audi MOT near me’. Our technicians assess the roadworthiness of your vehicle and issue VT20 or VT30 certificates accordingly.

If your vehicle has no or Minor defects, it will pass the test. However, if there are Major or Dangerous defects, it will fail the test. The VT20 (Pass) certificate is valid for one year from the date of issue.

You can book Audi MOT online by entering your vehicle registration number and fixing your appointment on a date that suits your preference.

A glimpse of our Audi Service London

We are your ‘Audi specialist garage near me’ where you can book any Audi service London online for a date of your convenience.

The services we offer are:

Suspension service

Is your car sitting heavily on one side while parked?

If yes, there might be an issue with its suspension system. Come to us for a thorough inspection, and we will locate the crux of the problem and resolve it promptly.

We are an Audi specialist London that provides suspension replacements for vehicles of all makes and models. So, whether you have an SUV or a high-performance vehicle model, we have you covered!

Puncture repair

If you are looking for an independent Audi specialist near me to get puncture repairs, choose us! Our technicians follow the BS AU 159 guidelines while performing the puncture repair service.

Our team will first check whether the tyre is repairable. Otherwise, we will replace your car tyre.

Free tyre check

We are your ‘Audi service centre near me’, providing free tyre checks for all vehicles. This inspection consists of a tyre pressure check where we inspect the air pressure of your car tyre and inflate or deflate it as necessary.

Furthermore, we will check the tread depth to determine whether it complies with the legal standards.

Body repair

In case your car has minor scratches, dents, damage from accidents, vandalism etc., we are the independent Audi service near me that you can rely on.

Our experts provide the service of Audi body repair London using top-quality tools and techniques that help them restore the showroom finish look of your vehicle.

Exhaust service

Do you notice black or blue smoke from the vehicle tailpipe?

It may be due to an issue with the exhaust system. Come to us for an inspection. If you ignore such signs, it may lead to hefty repair bills down the line.

Batteries services

Are the vehicle headlights dimmer than usual?

Then, there may be an issue with the car battery. Come to us for a battery check, and we will inspect all its components. If required, we will replace the car battery.

Interim service

Are you looking for an Audi service near me that offers Interim car service?

Our experts have years of experience in servicing vehicles of all kinds. They have the necessary equipment to get your car back to performing optimally.

Apart from these services, we also offer the following:

  • Van Servicing
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Window Tinting
  • 4 Wheel Alignment And More

When it comes to reliable car services for Audi vehicles, we are the workshop of choice in London.

So, what are you waiting for?

End your search for an ‘Audi garage near me’ by calling us on 02082008181.

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