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Aston Martin Service, MOT, Tyres & Body Repair London

Why search for an ‘Aston Martin specialist near me’ when you have CarFix Garage?

We are a reliable Aston Martin service centre London, located at Unit 4, 30-100 Colindeep Ln London NW9 6HB. With several top-quality products and services to offer at reasonable prices, CarFix Garage can be your go-to choice for an ‘independent Aston Martin specialist near me’.

Here is all about our products and services.

Aston Martin MOT London

We are one of the few garages to meet your ‘independent Aston Martin service near me’ searches. CarFix Garage conducts Aston Martin service and MOT at amazingly competitive rates. Our technicians adhere to all DVSA guidelines stringently to assess the roadworthiness of your cars.

Did you know that driving a car with an outdated/expired MOT certificate can lead to heavy fines? To avoid this, book Aston Martin MOT online on our website itself! All you need to do is enter your vehicle registration number and proceed. You can then choose a convenient slot to get the MOT done.

Based on the condition of your vehicle, it is either given a VT20 or a VT30 certificate accordingly. You can also opt for post-MOT services to fix mentioned malfunctioning component. So, rely on us for all your Aston Martin MOT near me searches.

Body repair

Has your Aston Martin suffered external body damage due to accidents? Getting professional Aston Martin body repair London services from us will bring your car a brand-new look. We are one such Aston Martin specialist London who can fix all physical damages, from scratches and dents to considerable accident impacts.

Exhaust repair

Are you getting a slight stench of gases in your car? It can be a sign of a failing exhaust system. Stop spending time looking for ‘Aston Martin garages near me’ and drive straight to CarFix Garage. Our experts will run a detailed analysis of the exhaust system. After we locate the source of the problem, we will repair/replace the component efficiently.

Free tyre check

Our Aston Martin service centre London also provides a free tyre check. Keeping your car tyres inflated accurately extends the tyre’s service life and leads to superior vehicle control. It also enhances on-road safety by allowing better grip. We will also check the tread depth to ensure it adheres to standard guidelines.

There is a wide range of other services that you can opt for from us.

Top-quality tyres

When we say we are the best fit for your Aston Martin specialist garage near me search, we mean it! We also come with an extensive tyre inventory for you. Our top Aston Martin tyres London list has tyres from brands like:

  • Goodyear
  • Continental
  • Pirelli
  • Michelin
  • Bridgestone

We also have several budget and mid-ranged brands which offer quality models at reasonable prices. We check every tyre before putting it up for sale. They also come with their respective EU labels.

Take a look at the variety that we have to offer for Aston Matin Tyres Models:

Summer models: These tyres are built with a hard rubber compound to cope with the temperature rise. These models are also extremely fuel-efficient.

Winter models: Made with a softer rubber compound, these models don’t go brittle as the temperature drops. The tyres also have more grooves and sipes to bite into snow or slush. Offering better traction and on-road stability, these models make your winter driving experience safer.

All-season models: The intermediate compound and mid-depth grooves help to cope with roads throughout the year in moderate temperature conditions.

The ribbed cuts also displace water, effectively making the tyres aquaplaning resistant and hence, safer.

Run-flat models- You can now avoid getting stranded in the middle of nowhere due to a punctured tyre. A run-flat model allows you to drive a considerable distance even after the puncture so you can reach your nearest garage safely.

4x4 models: This one is for those who love off-roading. With a reinforced sidewall, these models can make off-road driving hassle-free and can also be used on-road.

Some of our popular models include:

  • Sports Series New 2018 Vantage
  • Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S
  • Bridgestone Potenza RE050A and more

Use our tyre finder tool to explore more such tyres from our inventory.

Please call us on 02082008181 to get accurate answers to your ‘Aston Martin service near me’ queries.

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