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Modern vehicles are being equipped with an ever-increasing number of electronic components. Among other things, this is due to legal regulations, e.g. those governing a reduction in emissions and fuel consumption. Electronic components are also increasingly being used to increase active and passive safety as well as driving comfort. One of the most important components is the accelerator pedal sensor.


When it comes to automotive applications, a non-contact sensor based on an inductive principle is increasingly being used. This sensor comprises a stator (which includes an excitation coil, receiver coils, and an electronic evaluation unit) and a rotor (formed of one or more closed conductive loops with a certain geometry).


The application of alternating voltage to the transmission coil produces a magnetic field which induces voltages in the receiver coils. A current is also induced in the rotor conductive loops which, in turn, influences the magnetic field of the receiver coils. Voltage amplitudes are produced depending on the position of the rotor relative to the receiver coils in the stator. These are processed in an electronic evaluation unit and then transmitted to the control unit in the form of direct-current voltage. This evaluates the signal and forwards on the relevant pulse, e.g. to the throttle valve actuator. The characteristics of the voltage signal depend on how the accelerator pedal has been pressed.

CarFix Garage does Repair or Replace the Throttle Pedal in London 

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